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Old School Toons

Old School Toons

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**This is a digital product— no physical items will be shipped. The watermark included in the preview is for display purposes only.

Original files are limited in downloads to create more exclusivity for small shops. Vault files do not have a download cap. All files are intended to be used by small shops creating less than 200 end-products.

If you have any questions, please email us at 

Am I eligible to use this file for my small shop?

PixelCass Designs files are created for and available to small shops creating less than 200 end products for your business using a single file. Additional licensing is not required if you are not exceeding 200 handmade end products.
This includes but is not limited to the following: Clothing & Bow Shops | T-Shirt Makers | Tumbler & Cup Shops | Handmade Backpack/Purse/Bag Shops| Handmade Shops | etc.
If you are a Fabric Print shop or having items manufactured or using Print On Demand, please review the licensing information in the menu below.

How do I know if I need to purchase additional licensing for your files?

If you are any of the following shops, you will need to purchase a Small Shop Commercial License per file: 
Fabric Print Shops | Blankets | Faux Leather/Leather/Vinyl Print Shops | Sublimation/ DTF Transfer Sheets | Mailers & Stickers | Anything Not Made By Hand| etc.
If you are a small shop who does not make your products by hand and has them manufactured or use Print on Demand, you will need to buy a Manufacturing/POD License per file.

What if I plan on creating more than 200 end products with a single file?

If you plan to exceed 200 end-products or yards of materials, unlimited extended licensing can be found here. (Must purchase one per file).

Will the files come on a colored background?

Seamless files will come as-is with their colored background. PNG Sublimation files will come on a transparent background, intended to be used for sublimation or DTF. PNG Sublimation files can also have a colored background added behind them for printing panels.

File Download Information:

Please allow up to 24 hours for download links to generate and send to your email. Files will be sent to you via the email address used to purchase after checkout is complete. We ask that you promptly download your files and securely store them in a designated folder on your device or within your cloud storage for convenient accessibility. It’s important to note that after 30 days, we will no longer be able to access or provide download links for your files. Therefore, it is your sole responsibility to ensure timely retrieval of your files. Due to the nature of digital downloads, we cannot offer refunds for files misplaced, lost, or incorrect purchases. Please prioritize the immediate download of your files to avoid any potential inconveniences.

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    • Using my files in your small shop without purchasing the proper licensing if you should require it. Please be sure to read my licensing terms and purchase the appropriate licensing if applicable. Licensing must be purchased at the time of checking out.
    • Posting designs online unwatermarked (must be watermarked and cropped with your own or my watermark to avoid being stolen).
    • Tracing, copying, or altering designs in anyway (changing the colors, rearranging/adding or removing elements, etc.)
    • Reselling files in its digital form.
    • Giving it away for free or sharing with your friends in its digital form, including but not limited to sharing in dump groups.
    • Having friends/family/reps/admins/employees/etc purchase files for you. The individual using the files must be the one to purchase. Having the above purchase for you is a form of file sharing and is not allowed.
    • All Fabric/Transfer/Manufacturing/POD licensing must be purchased at the time of checking out with your files. Please do not run my files without purchasing the appropriate licensing or you will be blocked from purchasing again.